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Welcome to the St. George's family

Welcome to the St. George's family

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

St. George’s Episcopal School welcomed about 100 new parents for 
the annual New Parents Dinner on August 15th in the school’s Salem Theatre. Hosted by the administration and the Parents Group, the yearly event offers an opportunity for new parents at St. George’s to meet one another, members of the administration and members of the Parents Group. The gathering also gives new parents a chance to learn more about what it means to be a member of the St. George’s family.

Following a short welcoming speech from Dr. Eichberger, the group enjoyed shrimp and grits and vegetable lasagna catered by Liberty’s Kitchen, as well as red and white wine from The Wine Seller. 

Dr. Eichberger took center stage again as dinner was finished to introduce members of the administration and give some details as to what to expect as a parent at St. George’s during the 2017-2018 school year. He also explained that after thirty-five years as Headmaster at St. George’s he would be retiring after this school year. “But I assure you, you and your children will be in good hands,” explained Eichberger as he introduced Chairman of the Board, Greg Schafer.

“Eight years ago, when I was attending this dinner as a new parent, I was nervous, because, well, we can all be nervous when faced with something new,” began Schafer. “There were two things Dr. E said that evening that have always stayed with me – First, ‘This is the only free dinner you will get all year,’ and rest assured, that is really not the case. Second, he closed his comments by saying, ‘Please know that your children are in good hands.’ Over the past eight years, I have found this to be very, very true.” Schafer explained how proud he is of St. George’s and its students, faculty and staff; and, as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, he promised to keep parents informed about the transition in leadership at St. George’s.

As a special gift to all new parents at St. George’s this school year, and in order to help new parents immediately begin showing of their Dragons pride around New Orleans, each new parent received a St. George’s t-shirt as a thank you for attending the dinner.

The St. George's administration would like to give special thanks to Kirsten Breckinridge and her team for such a wonderful evening, as well as Parents Group President Rachel Alltmont and Vice President Krystil Lawton.


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