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WWL-TV Mobile Pep Rally pumps up students for Saints playoff game

Friday, January 11, 2019

At about 1:30 p.m. Friday, St. George's Lower School students were busy playing in the school yard, as usual, when suddenly they heard sirens and honking coming from up Camp Street. As they all ran to the gate to see what the commotion could possibly be, they were suddenly surprised to see a fire truck pulling up in front of the school.

This wasn't just any fire truck - although that would have excited the students as well - this fire truck was completely decorated in black and gold, with a huge banner that read "SAINTS" hung along the side. As they cheered and chanted at the people on the fire truck, they got a special surprise when they realized that a group from WWL-TV, all dressed in Saints colors, were holding an impromptu parade and pep rally, just for them!

Reporters and photographers from WWL-TV, along with some wonderful Saints Super Fans spent the next hour throwing beads to a huge crowd of extremely excited St. George's students. After they all took part in the "Who Dat" chant, the WWL-TV crew got off of the fire truck and greeted the students in the school yard. As they entered the gates, the crew and Super Fans were bombarded with hugs, smiles and even students' personal Saints stories.

Special thanks to the crew at WWL-TV for making us a stop on their Mobile Pep Rally journey. The WWL-TV Saints Mobile Pep Rally visited multiple locations around the city of New Orleans in anticipation of the Saints' big playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

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