Since our beginning in 1969, we have established many traditions that have become an integral part of the school. Our mascots are the dragon and St. George of legendary fame. St. George was a high ranking Roman soldier who was martyred in 303 A.D. He was much revered by the crusaders, and in 1350 he was made the patron saint of England. St. George is best known, however, in legend for rescuing the king’s daughter from being sacrificed to a dragon. Our dragon serves as the mascot of our athletics teams and as part of the school logo.

St. George's Episcopal Church Services

Another tradition is that of going to St. George’s Church and Salem Church for important occasions during the school year. We open the school year with a church service, “ringing” in the school year with a big brass hand bell. The day before Thanksgiving, students and families gather for a service of thanks and the giving of an offering by the students of food for the needy. Our Christmas program of lessons and carols is a candlelight service with grades 1-8 participating. It is held the evening before dismissal for the Christmas holidays. Our school year always ends with a Graduation and Awards service at St. George’s Church in which we award our outstanding students and citizens in grades 1-8 with gift books. Our four church services are important reminders of our heritage at St. George’s.

Field Day

We hold our annual Field Day at Audubon Park usually on the first Friday in May. All students in grades 1-8 are placed on one of three teams: Dragons, Spartans or Trojans. Team assignments are permanent. Everyone, faculty and staff included, wears his or her team’s colored t-shirt: Dragons in red, Spartans in white and Trojans in blue. Students and faculty rotate through stations earning points for their teams. After a well-earned lunch break and popsicles, the winning team is announced, and everyone is dismissed at 12:30. This is the culmination of two weeks of intense, good-natured rivalry among the three teams. Parents are welcome to attend all or part of Field Day.


One of our longest standing traditions is Assembly, which is the gathering of the entire school on Fridays at 8:15 a.m. for a short presentation either by one of the classes or by a professional off-campus group. Assembly is also the time for athletics, Parents Group, school spirit or other announcements. Parents are always welcome to attend and are encouraged to do so when their child’s class is presenting the program.

Annual Events

Some of our other traditions are lower school Grandparents/Special Friends Day, Thanksgiving Feast, middle school oratory, the fourth grade play, the middle school play, Kindergarten Closing Ceremony, Mother/Son Breakfast, Father/Daughter Breakfast, Mother/Daughter Luncheon, the Middle School Sports Banquet, dress down days, service projects and Knight at City Park. These observances, sacred or secular, serious or fun, are all part of the richness of our school family life.
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