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St. George's Technology Department
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At St. George’s it is our vision that our students graduate with the appropriate technology skills in order to communicate, collaborate and create with confidence.  We thoughtfully embrace the use of educational technology in our classrooms. Students at St. George’s are provided with various age-appropriate devices and digital tools to enhance our curriculum and support our mission statement by utilizing differentiated instruction to meet each of our students’ individual needs. 

Students learn to use the computer to solve problems, to use proper computer vocabulary, to enhance keyboarding skills, and to realize the importance of technology in our world. With the ever-rising prevalence and significance of technology in our globally connected world, we hope to instill in our students a foundation for productive, responsible, respectful, safe and ethical computer use.


Our classrooms are outfitted with interactive touchscreen boards. All teachers and students also have access to a the technology lab, which is equipped with a fleet of Chromebooks, iPads, video recording equipment, and multiple 3D printers.

All lower school classes have a 1:1 set of iPads as well as additional classroom devices.  The lower school students can bring these devices to various classes and activities. Lower school devices stay on campus at all times. 

All middle school students are issued a personal device for both school use and home use. Students in fifth through eighth grades use touch-screen Dell Chromebooks.  Middle school students have access to interactive versions of textbooks online. All middle school students have a Google Apps for Education account in order to create various projects and complete assignments and assessments. Google Classroom is utilized to stay connected with their fellow classmates and teachers, and to keep their materials organized and accessible. 

Software and Curriculum

Across all grade levels and content areas, various software applications and subscriptions are utilized to provide skill practice, re-teaching videos, enrichment activities, presentation and sharing platforms, and multimedia content creation. We regularly research and evaluate both digital resources and best practices for teaching with technology.

While technology is integrated throughout the classroom curriculum for all grade levels, we also provide direct instruction on the topics of digital literacy and technical skills. Students in first through fifth grades attend these learning sessions weekly for the duration of the year. Students in sixth through eighth grades are provided technical assistance as needed and via various scheduled assemblies.
PHONE: 504-891-5509 | FAX: 504-895-1225