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St. George’s recognizes 5th Betsey King Award recipient

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Mrs. Tamara Claverie, St. George's Director of Counseling, was the 

recipient of the 5th Betsey King Award at the 2017 Thanksgiving Service at St. George's Church. The annual award honors one faculty member who is making a difference in the classroom and beyond. The recipient is chosen among nominees based on the contributions he or she makes toward helping form a strong foundation for St. George’s students to reach success. 

Mrs. Claverie has served students across all divisions at St. George's for 11 years, and has primarily placed her focus on the educational growth of the whole child. Not only does she exemplify the school's core character values, but Mrs. Claverie was instrumental in the establishment and integration of these values into the curriculum at St. George's. 

“She is a resource for not only our students, but our faculty too. She is the calming voice when we need it most -- especially around report card time. She reminds us to try to practice mindfulness daily and gives us the resources to be the best at supporting our students and parents,” says Headmaster Rob Eichberger.

Mrs. Claverie has demonstrated time and again how much she believes in her students and sees their potential. She has an amazing ability to listen and build relationships, and she guides students and faculty alike, down the path to being excellent St. George’s citizens. 

Dr. Eichberger concluded the announcement by adding, “This year’s award recipient is truly remarkable…Mrs. Claverie is a caring, giving and talented educator who is loved by her students and peers. We are all truly blessed to have her in our midst!” 

Established by Bruce and Lynn Lelong through the Lelong Family Fund, the Betsey King Award recognizes one outstanding member of the faculty at St. George's. It also serves to honor Betsey King, founding head of the school, as well as a dedicated teacher, fundraiser and supporter of St. George's throughout its early history. 

Congratulations to Mrs. Claverie!