Sherri Weiser
Director of
Resource Services
(504) 891-5509

Resource Services

Since 1975, St. George's has served both locally and nationally as a leader in providing support services for children. Our Resource Services program assists students with learning, academic and/or speech/language difficulties. Our team of resource specialists, working in partnership with classroom teachers, provides students with a fully integrated program to assist them in finding individual success.

Students receive their primary instruction within the regular classroom, generally visiting resource rooms in groups of two or three students, for two to four sessions weekly. Resource teachers work directly with students to address deficit areas as well as teach compensatory strategies. They also work to educate students concerning their individual learning styles, to help them better understand their strengths and weaknesses and to encourage them to become self-advocates. Students learn that through hard work and application of skills, they can achieve their goals.

Early intervention is given top priority at St. George's. Resource specialists screen children to determine the source of classroom difficulties, make referrals for further evaluation when necessary and also arrange for on-site testing. Our goal is for students to exit the program with confidence, with the ability to self-advocate and with a wealth of strategies to ensure success throughout their academic careers.



  • Pre-academic readiness
  • Reading
  • Written expression
  • Mathematics
  • Study skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Speech/language development