Hayley Harang
Director of
Early Childhood
(504) 891-8541

Early Childhood

Age One through Pre-K4

At St. George’s, we cultivate a love of learning and nurture the development of foundational skills across cognitive, social, emotional and physical domains. We offer a secure and exciting environment for children to develop their imaginations and grow confident in their abilities. Our Early Childhood program has over 150 students between 12 months and pre-k4, and more than 40 dedicated teachers and specialists.

Children participate in daily discovery-based, hands-on learning experiences that expose them to the foundational concepts of literacy, math, writing, science and social studies. Through whole group, small group and individual activities, our teachers facilitate the educational journey. By engaging and challenging students, they develop creativity and problem-solving abilities. The collaborative nature of our projects encourage peer relationships, cooperation and language development. At St. George’s, children are active contributors to their ongoing development and learning.

What makes our program unique?

Dynamic Student-Driven Curriculum: Inspired by the Project Approach and Reggio Emilia philosophy, each class embarks on investigative projects that engage children in hands-on learning experiences designed to encourage independent thinking and collaborative learning. Each topic of study emerges from the students’ natural interests and curiosities. 

Dedicated and Knowledgeable Faculty: Our emergent curriculum requires that our teachers are active listeners, observers and co-explorers. Through documentation, students and teachers alike reflect on past experiences to develop future learning opportunities. Teachers are highly trained and have a passion for lifelong learning.

Emphasis on Small Group Work: Our low student-to-teacher ratio enables us to develop meaningful relationships with each individual child. Further, we create dynamic groupings where each child has the opportunity to use his/her own strengths to contribute to a collective goal. Small groups engage with art, music, movement, real-life objects and literature to make learning relevant and exciting. 

Developmentally Appropriate Practices and Play: At St. George’s, we are experts in early childhood development. With this knowledge, our classrooms and curriculum are child-centered to meet children where they are as individuals and as a group. We balance our rigorous curriculum with the belief that children’s work is play and through play comes significant learning. 

Beautiful Facilities: Inviting classrooms, community kitchen, Tinker Lab, additional indoor spaces for gross-motor activities, age-appropriate play structures, butterfly garden and art yard with chalkboards and performance stage.

Parents as Partners: Children thrive when parents are our partners in their child’s educational journey. Through daily communication and weekly blogs, we encourage this collaboration and active participation. This communication is key for parents to feel secure and knowledgeable about their children’s school experience. The St. George’s family is strengthened through parent workshops, family events and volunteer opportunities. Our door is always open! 

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