St. George's Parents Group is a volunteer organization that supports our school through social and fundraising events each year. In recent years, fundraisers have included the Charleston Gift Wrap sale, a family "Knight at City Park," a Holiday Book Fair and the annual spring Soirée and Auction. While all are important as fundraisers, they are also valued as opportunities to enjoy each other in a social setting. Each year the Parents Group allocates significant funds to St. George's operating budget and to support student access to technology, the resource center, the library, the talented and gifted program, creative arts programs, academic games, robotics and other teacher requests.

The Parents Group also functions as a school service organization by welcoming new families, conducting hearing and vision screenings, hosting faculty appreciation days, arranging for library volunteers, and organizing the annual Spring Dinner.

Five business meetings are held by the Parents Group each year, typically on weekdays. One of the most important of these is the opening meeting and coffee at which the year's goals, objectives and fundraising events are discussed. The Parents Group also hosts Parents Nights held in the fall for parents to visit their children's classrooms.

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2018-2019 St. George's Parents Group Board
President - Krystil Lawton
Vice President - Lauren Flower
Secretary - Michele Norris
Treasurer - Cappy Johnson
Nominating Committee - Dawn Steckler, Krystil Lawton
Dad's Club Co-Chairs - Adam Norris, Dale Gallagher

2018-2019 St. George's Parents Group Committee Chairmen
Holiday Book Fair - Michele Norris, Christine Harvey
Box Tops - Amie Krake
Charleston Gift Wrap - Cathy Schieffelin, Samantha Murrah-Morris
Class Parent Liaison - Dawn Steckler
Cool Zoo - Krystil Lawton, Lauren Flower
DASH (Dragons in Action, Helping & Serving) - Tamara Claverie, Victoria Tran
Faculty Appreciation - Sara Richards
Hearing Screening - Allison Haertling
New Family Liaison: Allison Hescock
Knight at City Park - Norma Kimble, Courtney Costello, Kirsten Breckinridge
New Parent Dinner & Spring Dinner - Cynthia Sterbcow, Elizabeth Emmett
Pre-school Liaison - Tanya Race
School Pictures - Robin Gray
Soirée - Cate Cummins, Cynthia Sterbcow
Used Uniforms - Lynn Lelong
Vision Screening - Dr. Donald Costello, Dr. Rebecca Metzinger

2018-2019 Parents Group Events
Cool Zoo
Charleston Wrap
Knight at City Park 
Holiday Book Fair
Rock 'n' Bowl Family Event
Soirée and Auction

Corporate Sponsorship Program
The Parents Group would like to thank those who have joined our 2018-2019 Corporate Sponsorship Program. For information on joining the Parents Group Corporate Sponsorship Program, please click here or contact Lauren Flower or Krystil Lawton. The generous sponsors below will be recognized at events throughout the school year. We appreciate your support and generosity!

PHONE: 504-891-5509 | FAX: 504-895-1225