Dr. Emma Whitman
Director of Middle School
Assistant Head of School

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Middle School

Middle school is a complex time in children's lives as they transition socially, developmentally and academically into young adulthood. St. George's has designed an academically challenging curriculum that focuses on the individual child. Students learn through exploration, develop study skills and gain confidence as they mature into young adults and prepare for high school.


Middle School at a Glance

  • Average Number of Students: 140
  • More than 30 dedicated teachers and specialists
  • Classes in language arts, math, science, social studies and history are divided by ability and learning style in each grade level.
  • High school credit can be earned via eighth grade foreign language, math, language arts and science courses.

 Our program focuses on developing analytical, interpretative and evaluative thinking skills in literature, vocabulary, writing, grammar, listening and speaking skills, oratory, keyboarding, research and library skills, and reading and writing lab.

 Students gain a strong foundation in mathematical concepts by building analytical, problem-solving and practical application skills in the following areas:

  • Operations of Decimals, Fractions and Integers
  • Number Theory, Real Number Properties and Order of Operations
  • Data Analysis, Graphs, Probability and Statistics
  • Elements, Translations and Measurements of Geometry
  • Proportions, Similarity and Dilatations
  • Algebraic Translations, Algebraic Transformations, Graphing and Solving of Linear and Non-Linear Algebraic Equations and Inequalities, Polynomial Operations

SCIENCE: Students explore various scientific topics through hands-on laboratory activities each year.

  • 5th Grade: The Wetlands
  • 6th Grade: Electricity and Magnetism; Chemistry; The Five Kingdoms of the Living World
  • 7th Grade: Protist, Fungi, Biology of the Plant and Animal Kingdoms; Geology
  • 8th Grade: Astronomy; Human Biology; Genetics

SOCIAL STUDIES: Students gain knowledge about the physical and human characteristics of the world around them while building map analysis skills. They also develop important research skills through analyzing primary sources and writing formal research papers on specific topics.

  • 5th Grade: World Geography
  • 6th Grade: Ancient World History
  • 7th Grade: American History (first Americans up until the Civil War)
  • 8th Grade: American History (Civil War era through current politics); Louisiana History

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Middle school students select to continue their study of the French language begun in lower school or take Spanish. Our foreign language program focuses on developing communication skills in a cultural context by building vocabulary, conversation skills and written knowledge. Annually, our students place in the top tier of Le Grand Concours/National French Contest and the National Spanish Exam.

Technology is integrated throughout the middles school curriculum using various age-appropriate devices and digital tools. We offer a 1:1 laptop program, issue Gmail accounts and provide access to online textbooks and programs so that our middle school students stay connected. All students have access to a computer lab equipped with 20 desktop computers. Fifth grade students also attend computer classes regularly while computer skills are incorporated into class throughout the year for students in grades 6-8.

St. George's uses an innovative elective system designed for middle school students to gain more exposure to the arts. Our program promotes creativity, cognition and critical thinking while also providing a bridge to different cultures, self-expression and a hands-on way of learning more about the world. Students choose up to three art electives each year (one per trimester) from three different categories):

  • Musical Arts: Orff Music, Choir, Concert Band
  • Expressive Arts: Visual Art, Drama, Dance
  • Technical Arts (grades 7-8 only): Yearbook, Photography, Robotics

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Middle school students participate in a program designed to improve their health and education through physical activity. Students develop basic skills, physical confidence and sportsmanship through a variety of challenging activities and games. Additionally, all middle school students participate in the annual nation-wide Presidential Physical Fitness Test, which assesses physical fitness across five categories.

 Facilitated by the school counselor, these ongoing classes for grades 1-8 focus on the development of character, providing opportunities for students to learn respect for self and others, responsibility, positive decision-making skills and the importance of being honest and trustworthy. Students are better prepared to navigate peer situations, build positive peer relationships and resist negative peer relationships.

All students in preschool through eighth grade attend chapel weekly, which crosses ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. We focus on instituting a love of learning, a love of self and a love of neighbor as well as our core values or integrity, perseverance, compassion and respect.

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