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Middle School Honor Roll students recognized

Thursday, January 11, 2018

St. George’s Middle School students were recognized for their high grades during the first trimester of the school year at a special breakfast on January 11. The honor roll students were invited, along with their parents, to the special ceremony in the Salem Theatre which featured breakfast, a welcome by Dr. Eichberger and individual recognition for the students’ achievements.

“Attention to detail is why you are all here today,” explained Dr. Eichberger after he told the story of how Richard III lost his kingdom because of a faulty horseshoe. I want to congratulate each of you on your hard work and I encourage you to keep up the good work through the rest of the school year and your lives.” 

“I am very pleased to see so many students here this morning, and I congratulate each of you for putting your best foot forward in achieving academic excellence,” added Romaine McCarthy, Director of Middle School.

Following Dr. Eichberger’s introduction, Ms. McCarthy, called each student up to the stage to receive a certificate of recognition from Dr. Eichberger.

Congratulations to all of our first trimester honor roll recipients! Keep it up!

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- Teddy Chong, Rylan Claverie, Michael Ladner, Ainsley Leaman, Henry Pellerito, Serena Revels, Edwin Salisbury, Kata Segura, Enzo Solitario, Gardner Teall, Luke Wittfeld, Lizzy Yaggy, Roya Brinkman, Emily Ferguson, Ben Kornman, Pete Metzinger, Gloria Ruiz, Graham Davis, Andrew Schafer, Malachi Sheahan, Noah Stolier, Lucy Wagner, Eva Weigle, Fiona Collins, Alexis Steckler and James Zink

HIGH HONORS (A's and no more than two B's) - Thompson Becnel, Kaden Forges, Ceci Hardin, Hailey Hopwood, Hanna Hunter, Lillian Richards, Hope Singleton, William Cody, Madden Graffagnini, Katie Lawton, Henry Swope, Jacob Alltmont, Sara Coogler, Coco Prokop and Ari Swearingen

HONORS (At least all B's) - Nicholas Becnel, Stella Chapoton, Nicholas Fan-Brinson, James Hance, Charlie Hudak, Nikolai Huilgol, Annabel Richards, Ethan Richards, Preston Rieder, Bobby Suggs, Piper Campbell, Matthew Fanelli, Brody Forstall, Ellie Gardner, Elisabeth Levasseur, Gabriela Norris, Zach Spangler, Charles DeRussy, Kira Hotchkiss, Brice Krake, Jeremy Norton, Chris Puckett, Frank Young, Barrett Blaum, Alexa Davis, Edon Hotchkiss, Davis Hubert and Nik Raeder.  

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