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Middle School holds Halloween Mother & Son Breakfast

Friday, November 2, 2018

St. George's Middle School students showed their mothers just how much they mean to them at this year's Mother & Son Breakfast.

The annual event, held in St. George's gym, featured a Halloween theme and delicious pastries from Dino's Catering.

Interim Head of School Ralph Wales kicked off the morning with some special thoughts about his own mother, as well as how important the mother/son relationship is. 

Dr. Emma Whitman, Director of Middle School, asked some students to share their thoughts about their own mothers and read them to the group. Some of those thoughts included, "Too many good things to say about my mom, so many that they wouldn't fit in 100 pages," and "She is always thoughtful and thinks of the safest way to do things." There were also some really funny student comments like, "She is the only girl in the family and lives with three boys. She does a good job of surviving," and "She lets me eat a lot. I mean a lot."

In a beautiful tribute to our St. George's moms, Student Council President, Malachi S. stood up in front of the group and thanked all mothers for what they do on a daily basis for their families. Then he paid a special tribute to the many, many roles moms play by reading a beautiful poem he wrote himself:

On Monday you’re a racecar driver 
because we're late for school.
Watch out for the traffic camera
or Dad will lose his cool.

On Tuesday you’re a master chef
cooking us each a separate meal.
Sorry we’re so picky Mom,
but no way Jack’ll eat that veal

On Wednesday you’re a battle nurse,
fixing injuries in every way.
We really try to be careful Mom,
but Luke falls on his head each day.

On Thursday you’re a copy editor
reading essays till your eyes are sore.
Next time I super promise
not to wait until the night before.

On Friday you’re a fashion critic
looking us up and down.
When we try to dress ourselves,
you say we look like clowns.

Saturday is the day for sports.
so you are coach and chauffeur.
You say you love to have 3 boys,
even if ballet and dresses you prefer.

On Sunday now a day of rest!
How about breakfast in bed?
Uh oh wait a minute,
Luke just smashed his head.

Thanks to all of our moms and special friends who were able to join us for the morning and special thanks to Dawn Steckler for organizing this year's breakfast!
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