Medical Policies

The school requires a completed Health Form and Emergency Information Form for all students. This includes a yearly physical examination. It is the responsibility of the parent to update these forms if changes occur during the school year.

The Emergency Information Form, when signed by the parent/guardian, authorizes the school to seek medical care in the event the parent is unavailable. It also has emergency phone numbers for parents and/or relatives and the child's physician, as well as authorization (or not) for the school to administer acetaminophen, antacids and decongestants for minor ailments.

Administration of Medicine

Non-prescription medication must be sent to school in the original manufacturer's container and labeled with the child's name, amount to be given, time and route of administration. The instructions for administering cannot exceed the recommendations of the manufacturer without a prescription from a doctor/dentist. A Request and Authorization Form for Medication must accompany the medication.

Prescription medication labels must include the prescribing doctor's name, pharmacy, prescription number and date filled (must be current). The medication must be prescribed for that specific child. Please request from the pharmacist a separate bottle labeled for school. A Request and Authorization Form for Medication must accompany the medication.

All medications must be delivered by a parent or a responsible adult representing the parent to an administrator or to a member of the office staff. Students are not allowed to bring their own medication to school.

Middle school students come to the office to take medicine. It is the responsibility of the middle school student to remember when he or she is to come to the office. 

Open communication must exist among the school, the parent/guardian and the prescribing physicians. This includes names and dosages of any other medication a student may take at home.

For additional information regarding medical polices, please refer to the Parent - Student Handbook or contact your child's teacher or Division Head at (504) 891-5509.

Click here to download the Request and Authorization Form for Medication
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