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Mathemagicians win Olympiad
St. George's 'Mathemagicians' place first in Math Olympiad

Monday, April 16, 2018

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the St. George's Mathemagicians for bringing home first place in the 2018 Math Olympiad Tournament!

Throughout the school year, St. George's advanced math students in fourth through seventh grade participated in the Math Olympiad Tournament, an international math competition. Guided by teachers/coaches, the students exercised their impressive mathematical problem solving skills as they took five tests throughout the year, tackling very challenging problems. 

The top ten performing students in fourth, fifth and sixth grade from St. George's also participated in Metairie Park Country Day's Math Olympiad Tournament on Saturday, April 14th. One of St. George's two competing teams placed first overall in the tournament! 

Huge congratulations to team members Pete M., who tied for first place in the individual competition, and Teddy C., who tied for second place in the individual competition. The St. George’s family is so proud of their great accomplishments in the tournament. 

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all of our players who qualified for this year’s competition: 
• 1st Place Team White: Pete M., Ben K., Emily F., Teddy C. and Gardner T.
• Team Blue: Roya B., Zach S., Lizzy Y., Luke W. and Copeland B.

Congratulations also go to the team’s veteran tournament mentors Andrew S., Malachi S. and Jeremy N. 

Special thanks to the coaches and math teachers who coached the teams throughout the year during the international competition, in preparation for their great success this past Saturday: Cheryl Ragar, fourth grade math teacher, who also coached at the Country Day Tournament, Middle School Math Dept. Chair and fifth grade math teacher, Paul Williams and Melissa Ladner, sixth grade math teacher and St. George’s Math Olympiad Coordinator, who was also the Country Day Tournament Head Coach. 

Way to go, Mathemagicians, you are the best! 

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