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Lower School Hosts Mother/Son Breakfast

Thursday, February 9, 2017

St. George’s Episcopal School hosted the annual Mother/Son Breakfast for lower school mothers and sons on February 9th in the gym. The event was coordinated by Associate Director of Admission Dawn Steckler and Lower School Director Dr. Emma Whitman. The event included a festive Valentine’s Day theme and décor.

Dr. Whitman welcomed the group by reading several of the sweet tributes that the students had written to describe their mothers. The mothers and sons in attendance enjoyed a breakfast provided by Dino’s Catering. Students presented their mothers with a rose and handmade valentines.

During the meal, the band and choir performed several numbers for their enjoyment under the direction of Band Director Jonathan Martin and Lower School Choir Director Dee-Dee Johnson. The guests were also invited to take photos in front of a valentine-inspired backdrop.

Thanks to all of our mothers and special friends for attending!

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