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Lower School Honors Students with Awards Ceremony

Monday, May 29, 2017

St. George’s Lower School held its annual Awards Ceremony for students in third and fourth grade on May 24th. The event was held in the Salem Theatre. Families were invited to attend the celebration.

Lower School Director Dr. Emma Whitman welcomed the group. “We are so excited to celebrate our students and their accomplishments this year,” she said. “While we will recognize our award winners during the ceremony, we also recognize that every student has worked hard this year, and they will receive a special treat following the ceremony.”

Whitman recognized each award recipient individually, inviting them to join Headmaster Dr. Rob Eichberger on stage to receive awards and applause. Duke TIP, Math Olympiad and Academic Games League participants were also called up for recognition. Following the awards, the students and families were treated to donuts.

Congratulations to all of our students on a year of hard work and dedication. We are so proud of you!

SUBJECT AWARDS:            3rd                                                      4th                 

Art                                          Isabella V.                                           Henry P.
Music Technology               Blake B.                                               Nikolai H. (Band)
Music                                     Willa D.                                               Kata S.
French                                   Dario M.                                              Serena R., Michael L.            
Physical Education              Johnny R.                                           Jack H., Serena R.
Technology                                                                                       Annabel R.
Social Studies                     Jim R.             


GRADE           ACADEMIC                             PROGRESS                             CITIZENSHIP

3rd                   Niles B.                                   Jack H., Ryan C.                      Nancy J., Nate R.

4th                   Rylan C., Gardner T.              Ceci H.                                     Jack H.

  Enzo S. 

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