Tamara Claverie,
Director of Counseling
(504) 891-5509

Molly Sanders
Early Childhood Counselor
(504) 891-5509

St. George's Counseling Department provides support to all of our students, families and faculty. Director of Counseling, Tamara Claverie, supports students in third through eighth grades and Early Childhood Counselor, Molly Sanders, works with students age 1 through second grade. While each of our counselors has a specific age group to focus on, both are always available for any and all members of the St. George's community. Brief counseling for individuals and small groups is offered as needed, as well as assessments of situations and referrals to outside mental health support. Group counseling is typically offered during lunch periods to deal with various issues, such as self-esteem, anxiety, friendship, social skills, coping skills and divorce. In addition to being a therapeutic resource, the school counselors direct two programs for middle school students, Life Skills and the Advisory Program. Click here for some great articles on various topics relevant to St. George's students and parents, recommended by the Counseling Department. 

Life Skills

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Facilitated by the school counselors, Life Skills classes are built into the schedule for students in kindergarten through eighth grades. Life Skills promotes healthy social and emotional learning at age appropriate levels. Classes incorporate mindfulness, feelings recognition and positive social interactions in addition to the grade level curriculum topics. Life Skills provides additional opportunities to enhance self esteem.

Kindness Program

Preschool through pre-k4 students participate in Kindness Class with Mrs. Molly. The class focuses on the Kindness Curriculum, a mindfulness-based set of lessons and practices in which students will learn a new kind of ABC's: Attention, Breath and Body, and Caring. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Center for Healthy Minds created the Kindness Curriculum in an effort to explicitly teach mindfulness, empathy and compassion to students in early childhood and early elementary school. The curriculum includes children's books, music, movement and other activities to teach and instill concepts related to kindness and compassion.

Buddy Program

It is our goal at St. George's to ensure a safe, friendly and respectful learning and growth environment for all children. Our Buddy Program includes all students from pre-k4 through eighth grades, and pair students in one grade with those in another to make students feel like they have a friend and companion in another grade on campus. The pre-k4 students remain paired with their seventh grade buddies when they respectively move to kindergarten and eighth grade to further develop that relationship. First and fourth grade students are matched and continue with the same buddy pairings through their third and sixth grade years. This creates additional opportunities for students to get to know their buddy and the school over the years, and feel as though they have a true buddy and ally around campus. Click here for more details.

Advisory Program

The Advisory Program is offered to all students in fifth through eighth grades. Students are divided into small, same sex groups and meet with a faculty facilitator weekly. They are encouraged to participate in an open dialog with their group and leader through guided discussion topics. The goal of our advisory program is to enhance the moral and character development of our middle school students. We strive to accomplish this not only through discussing values but by learning how to put them into practice within our school and neighboring communities.

Peace Pledge

As St. George's citizens, our students demonstrate integrity, perseverance, compassion and respect. To keep our school safe, friendly and peaceful, all students pledge to:
  1. Speak up. Tell the bully to stop and ask for help when needed.
  2. Reach out. Be a buddy, not a bully or bystander.
  3. Be KIND, RESPECTFUL and FRIENDLY to everyone!
Download the Student Code of Conduct

No Place for Hate

St. George's is recognized as a "No Place for Hate School" by the Anti-Defamation League for our efforts to keep our school a respectful environment for all.
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