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Kindergarten Celebrates Closing Ceremony

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

St. George’s kindergarten students, teachers, and families celebrated the closing of the academic year with a special celebration on May 30th. Held in the Salem Theatre, the special ceremony included musical performances by the Kindergarten class and the distribution of certificates.

Lower School Director Dr. Emma Whitman welcomed the group. “We are so proud of our kindergarten students and all of their hard work,” she said. “I am so happy to present them with their certificates today, and I look forward to the great things that I know they will do in the future.”

Following Whitman’s welcome, the class performed several musical numbers including “Celebration,” “Can’t Stop the Kinder,” and “Forever Young.”  After their performances, Whitman recognized each student individually during the presentation of the certificates. She also recognized the four kindergarten teachers for their work throughout the year and presented them with flowers on behalf of the school. Families were invited afterward to join their child for a reception and end of year party.

Congratulations to the St. George’s Kindergarten Class of 2017!

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