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Guidelines & Code of Conduct

Participation in the Athletics Program at St. George's is a privilege. Only those students who fulfill their academic obligations will be allowed to participate. Athletes are expected to act as leaders of the student body and should act accordingly at all times. Parents, we need your help and support to make our program successful. If you see any misbehavior or inappropriate conduct from any of our students or coaches, please report it to their coaches or the Athletic Director. Thank you in advance for your support!

The following policies and procedures must be observed in all sports at St. Georges:

  1. All participants must have a current school year physical form on file in the main office.

  2. The athlete must follow all rules and directions given by his/her coach.

  3. All athletes must inform their coaches, in person, and in advance, of any expected tardiness or absence from practices or games. Unexcused tardiness or absences from practices or games will result in a decrease of playing time or dismissal from the team.

  4. Athletes who miss practice during a game week may not be allowed to play in that week's game(s).

  5. Student athletes are expected to be in attendance at school for at least two periods on the day of a game/contest in order to participate.

  6. Excessive after-school detentions will result in dismissal from the team.

  7. No player is allowed to walk around the school campus during practices or games.

  8. Each athlete is responsible for his/her own uniform, which is initially supplied by the Athletics Department. Any member reporting to a game without the proper uniform will not be allowed to play that day.

  9. Parents and athletes must never use profanity or resort to illegal tactics. They must learn that both winning and losing are part of the game and that one must be a good loser as well as a gracious winner. Total respect to the officials is an absolute must. Discussion of calls made by officials will be done by the coaches. Improper conduct (fighting, cursing, misbehavior, disrespect for authority or property, including officials) at any time during practices and/or games will result in suspension or dismissal from the team.

  10. All parents/guardians, athletes and spectators are bound to act in accordance with the expectations of a reasonable person when either participating in or watching an athletics event. Sportsmanship is to be displayed at all times throughout any athletics competition.

  11. When we travel to compete against other teams, our athletes will conduct themselves properly.

  12. Jewelry may not be worn during practices or games. Coaches are not responsible for lost or stolen jewelry.

  13. No food or drinks are allowed in any indoor activity other than those supplied by the coaches during practices or sold by the school as concessions. Only water will be allowed in the team bench area.

  14. Parents should communicate concerns to their child's coach first. This policy will allow parents to speak with the person in the best position to know about and resolve any problem.

  15. Parents are expected to provide transportation to and from all practices and games.

  16. All fees are non-refundable after the second day of practice.

  17. All athletes are required to wear non-marking athletic tennis shoes on the gym floor. (Casual athletic tennis shoes are not allowed.)

  18. The pick-up area for any child practicing in the gym will be the General Pershing Street door. Parents are asked to please be on time to pick up their child after practice and/or a game. After 5 minutes, he/she will be sent to the extended day program, and parents will be charged the applicable fees.

  19. Athletes who choose to drop out during the sports season (for reasons other than medical or approved by the Athletics Department) will not have the privilege of attending the Athletics Banquet or receiving awards.

  20. The Athletics Department reserves the right to have the final decision as to whether an athlete is allowed to participate in interscholastic competition.
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