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Emergency Information

One Call Now Emergency Notification System

School-to-family notification is a priority for St. George's. We strive to keep families informed of all events and news that affect the safety and academic achievement of our students. To help us improve how we communicate with our families, we are pleased to announce our enrollment in a new notification service called One Call Now.

We expect to use the One Call Now service for school closings, delayed openings or early dismissals due to bad weather, and of course for any potential evacuations due to hurricanes. We will also contact you in case of a school cancellation, rescheduled activities and to send general purpose reminders. We feel the One Call Now service will greatly improve how we share important school information with you.

Please contact the school office immediately if your primary contact information changes.

If you feel you have missed an emergency notification, the toll free phone number is 1-877-698-3261.

If you have any questions about One Call Now, please contact the St. George's main office at (504) 891-5509.
PHONE: 504-891-5509 | FAX: 504-895-1225