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Parents Group Hosts "Disco Knights" Soiree and Auction

Monday, March 27, 2017

The St. George’s Parents Group hosted the 34th annual soirée and auction on March 25th in the school gym. More than 200 guests were in attendance at the event, which raises money each year in support of the Parents Group and the school.

The evening featured a 1970s theme and décor, a live and silent auction, music by Super T and the Revue, and catering and beverages by more than a dozen New Orleans restaurants. The evening opened with a patron party in the Forum, featuring food and specialty cocktails by Juan's Flying Burrito and Taceaux Loceaux, along with a surprise performance by local dance troupe, the Disco Amigos. At the main event, guests were invited to bid on silent auction items via a mobile bidding system. Items included donations from a variety of New Orleans businesses including restaurant gift certificates, spa packages, home décor, art, jewelry, parties hosted by St. George’s families and more. Each grade, including preschool, also contributed an art project.

Second grade parent Michael DeGeorge served as auctioneer for the live auction. The live auction included art contributions from 6th and 8th grade, presidential cuff links courtesy of George H.W. Bush, the middle school lock-in, a New York vacation generously donated by parents Michael and Norma Kimble, and front row seats to 8th grade graduation.

Guests were also invited to purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win a pearl and diamond necklace courtesy of Keith Miller Gem & Jewelry Brokerage. Congratulations to 6th grade parent Millie Fuller who won the raffle.

“St. George’s Disco Knights” was co-chaired by parents Annie Michaels and Kelly Marks. Decorations were designed by Eugenie Suggs and Ashley Haspel. The auction was chaired by Lauren Flower. Courtney Costello served as Patron Party Chair. Committee members and volunteers providing additional support were Rachel Alltmont, Kirsten Breckinridge, Jennifer Brammell, Dione Joseph-Breckenridge, Emily Dodart, Mamie Favor, Nancy Lavie, Krystil Lawton, Allison Hescock, Laurie Leaman, Liz Schafer, and Cathy Schieffelin.

Special thank you to our many sponsors, restaurants, businesses, room parents and families who contributed to the success of the soirée. We also thank the St. George’s faculty and maintenance team for their many contributions before and during the event. For the full list of sponsors, click here.

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