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Class of 2017 Graduates

Monday, June 5, 2017

St. George's Episcopal School held its 35th graduation on June 2nd at St. George's Episcopal Church. The ceremony honored the 24 members of the 8th grade class of 2017 and middle school students with awards.

The ceremony began with an opening prayer by Reverend Richard Easterling. Greg Schafer, Chairman of the Board, then welcomed the students, families and staff in attendance.

Students were recognized with various awards by Romaine McCarthy, Director of Middle School, and Headmaster Dr. Robert Eichberger. A special recognition included the honoring of St. George's second legacy graduate, Chloe S., daughter of Rebecca Zwart, a 1984 graduate.

The group was then addressed by Class Speakers Benjamin L. and McKenna B.

After the Presentation of Diplomas wherein Dr. Eichberger reflected upon each student's talents and contributions to St. George's individually, he recognized retiring/leaving faculty members Jean Hopkins, Hannagan Johnson, Meaghan Savoy, LeeAnn Foreman, Denise Smith, and Maureen Missavage for their service to the school.

Fourth grader Rylan C. concluded the celebration with the traditional Ringing Out of the School Year.    

Congratulations, Class of 2017! We are so proud of you!

Graduate Awards & Recognition
The Order of St. George Award: Benjamin L.
Middle School Headmaster's Award: McKenna B.
The Dragon's Award: Alex W. and Frankie G.
Marcia Bridge Cooke Award for Mathematics: Austin P.
Gwen Moore Emerging Scholar Award: Kristall S.
National Spanish Exam:  (Top 10% nationally): Evan M. and Austin P.
Le Grand Concours (National French Exam): Kristall S., Lily T., and Benjamin L.
President's Education Award: Sammy B., McKenna B., Davien B., Skye D., Maria Paula E., Drew F., Frankie G., James H., Benjamin L., Evan M., Natalie P., Austin P., Kristall S., and Alex W.
St. George's Legacy Graduate: Chloe S. with mother Rebecca Zwart ‘84

Middle School Awards
French Award: Benjamin L.
Spanish Award: Austin P.
History: Curtis L.
Science: Austin P.
Physical Education: Meredith L., Curtis L.
5th Grade Academic Excellence: Pete M., Ben K.
5th Grade Outstanding Progress: Aiden M., Gabriela N.
5th Grade Citizenship: Gloria R., Madden G., Henry S.
6th Grade Academic Excellence: Andrew S., Malachi S., Lucy W., Eva W.
6th Grade Outstanding Progress: Charles D.
6th Grade Citizenship: Eva W., Rebecca F.
7th Grade Academic Excellence: Ian B., Fiona C., Alexis S.
7th Grade Outstanding Progress: Josh S., Edon H.
7th Grade Citizenship: Alexa D.
8th Grade Academic Excellence: Benjamin L., Kristall S., Austin P.
8th Grade Outstanding Progress: Davien B., Maria Paula E., Chloe S.
8th Grade Citizenship: 
Logan W.
FLES (French Exam): Brice K., Isabella G., Malachi S.
The Arthur Carroll Waters Spirit Award: Alexa D.

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