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Character Week 2018
Character Week: What it means to be a St. George's Citizen

Friday, April 27, 2018

St. George's is a place where families have grown together, lifelong friendships have formed, and where children have embraced the character values of our school. One way St. George’s families, faculty and staff celebrate on those character values is Character Week. This school year, the sixth annual Character Week started on Monday, April 23rd, also St. George’s Day!

Throughout the week, students, faculty and staff celebrated what it means to be a St. George's Citizen by discussing each of the school’s four core values: Integrity, Perseverance, Compassion and Respect. This year during Character Week, Dr. Eichberger hosted Character Talks with each grade, in which he shared some of his stories about the four core values that mean so much to our school. 

On Thursday, April 26th, students in 1st – 8th grades gathered in the gym for the annual Character Week Assembly, during which a representative from each grade spoke about the grade’s service project for the 2017-2018 school year. The service projects for this school year included Valentine’s Day cards for Children’s Hospital (kindergarten), a Read-A-Thon for Dragon Café at St. George’s Church (1st grade), performing for the residents at the Poydras Home (2nd grade), Red Cross Walk-A-Thon (3rd grade), serving and set-up at Dragon Café for multiple Sundays (4th grade), spearheading weekly school-wide recycling efforts and Mardi Gras bead recycling to support St. Michael’s (5th grade), book and fund collection for Brookstown Middle School in Baton Rouge to help them replenish their books after the recent flooding they experienced (6th grade), NOLA Tree Project and Pennies for Patients drive (seventh), and sending postcards from their trip to Washington, D.C. to residents at Poydras Home, as well as visiting those residents to share the stories of their adventure to our nation’s capital (8th grade).
The students also celebrated their support of organizations in the community and throughout the world that have been helped through Student Council as well as D.A.S. H. (Dragons in Action, Serving and Helping). Some of those efforts included a fundraiser for Jacob’s Color Link, a collection and drive for people in Puerto Rico and support for students at a local school, the Good Shepherd School through an Angel Tree event around Christmas.
The assembly ended with a very special presentation in which St. George’s was given a No Place for Hate banner for efforts throughout the school year in creating an environment that is kind and respectful for all.

In addition to the activities throughout the week, the administration highlighted Catherine, a 4th grade student at St. George's, for her outstanding demonstration of compassion and St. George's citizenship earlier this year. After working on patchwork pillows in 4th grade, Catherine decided to take that talent and share the joy with teacher, Mrs. Mona Leingang. Catherine knows how much Mrs. Leingang likes llamas and she found a very compassionate way to combine that with support for brain cancer awareness in one beautiful pillow! Mrs. Leingang was so surprised and so touched by this beautiful gift and the fact that Catherine used her talent and her thoughtfulness in such a giving way. Mrs. Leingang will always treasure the pillow and the memory of receiving it from her

Special thanks to our Director of Counseling, Mrs. Tamara Claverie, for her work in coordinating the many service projects offered at St. George’s. We also thank our teachers, students and families for their continuous generosity and hard work throughout the year.

Congratulations to all of our St. George's citizens for living up to our promise: As a St. George's citizen, I promise to persevere in all that I do, to show compassion and respect for all, and to be known for my integrity!

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